MVNRC – I think it’s lovely


MVNRC – I think it’s lovely
26 August 2022

MVNRC – I think it’s lovely

Long Term patient Rose had a few kind words about how she feels about MVNRC.

Name: Rose
Care focus (Long/short term): Long term
Date of interview: 6/15/2022

What do you think of the facility?
“I think it’s lovely. The grounds are all well-kept, and so are the rooms. This is the place to be if you have to be anywhere. I couldn’t stay at home anymore and I’m glad I ended up here,”
“I like the chicken Alfredo and pasta dishes,”
“Therapy is just something we need and the therapy people are definitely around. It helps.”
“I love sitting out on the porch. I wish we could do it in the winter it’s so nice out here,”

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: MVNRC – I think it’s lovely

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