What Does Social Services Do?


What Does Social Services Do?
13 September 2017

What Does Social Services Do?

What Does Social Services Do?

A Social Service Department has various functions. Another role in which we serve our residents and families with the Medicaid Application Process.   This can often be a confusing and daunting task.  Whether it is to cover the cost of a Short-Term or Long-Term stay, the Social Services department can assist you through the process.  We will meet with the resident and family for a private appointment where we can complete the application step by step.  We submit the application and all necessary documentation to the County Assistance Office.  We also complete annual renewals when necessary.

One of our most important services is helping the resident and their families adjust to their new environment.  It is often difficult to deal with the physical and emotional challenges our residents face as well as being in a new environment.  Social Services is here to help in any way we can to make the transition here, whether short term or long term, to a homelike environment.
Social Services participates in Care Plan Meetings.  These are designed to be ‘update meetings’ for the families and resident to receive reports on progress as well as to voice any concerns you may have.  They are held shortly after admission and quarterly thereafter.  These meetings are beneficial for both staff as families as we all work toward a common goal.

Social Services also provides community outreach to provide education about our services, answer questions and provide some fun.  We have visited local senior centers to speak about our facility and services where we hosted bingo and provided prizes.

On 9/7/17 we participated in the Annual Carbon County Senior Expo in Jim Thorpe, PA.  The event was highly attended by over 1,100 people.  We handed out Mahoning Valley brochures, koozies, pens and other items.  We were greeted by family members that had loved ones with us and even got to see some of our former residents thriving in the community. It was a truly great event that we were proud to be a part of to give back and help educate our senior community.

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