Short Term Services

Short Term Services

Help Progress Recovery with Short-Term & Rehabilitation Care

We can’t predict what curveballs life throws our way. After a severe injury, surgery or illness, you or loved ones may need help and time to recover. If that’s the case, Mahoning Valley Nursing and Rehabilitation Center can assist you through our short-term care. We’ll support your recovery process through our trained staff and comprehensive rehabilitation programs.

Short Term Services


When Does Short-Term Care Become Necessary?

Depending on the circumstances, short-term care might be the right option for you or a loved one to undertake. Mahoning Valley has developed the right services to assist you during the more difficult portions of your life.

Short Term Services
  • After a Stroke – If you’ve recently had a stroke, it can sometimes mean the loss of basic functions. Our rehab services can help recover some functionality you may have lost.
  • Post-Surgery – For surgeries such as hip or knee replacement, it can often take several months for a full recovery. We can assist you through the therapy process while keeping you comfortable.
  • After an Illness or Accident – It’s difficult to get back to full health after overcoming a severe sickness or accident. Our professionals can offer care through these trying times.
  • During a Transition – Sometimes, family members need time to make the proper arrangements for a loved one’s living and care situation. During this transition, short-term care can provide relief.

What Does Short-Term Rehabilitation Care Entail?

Every resident’s situation is unique. To provide proper care, we tailor our service to a variety of different issues. While ensuring individuals feel happy, relaxed and safe, we apply numerous rehabilitation programs to improve the overall health and recovery of our residents. Such programs include:

  • Physical Therapy – Through transfer training, gait training, lower extremity exercises and other activities, we help to achieve an individual’s highest functional level.
  • Occupational Therapy – We work with residents to restore functional mobility or offer adaptive strategies and equipment to assist in daily activities.
  • Speech Therapy – From helping the return of communication to assisting with difficulty swallowing, our speech therapy works to maximize skills for everyday life.

The Guiding Hand You Deserve

Don’t suffer through your recovery process after your hospital stay. Find the help you deserve through the short-term care provided at Mahoning Valley Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. We dedicate ourselves to restoring your ability and functionality so you can live your best life possible. Call us today at (570) 386-5522 for questions or to schedule a tour of our facility.

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: Short Term Services

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