It’s beautiful here.


It’s beautiful here.
03 August 2022

It’s beautiful here.

Marion came to stay with us as a long-term care patient, and here are a few kind words she had to say.

Name: Marion
Care focus (Long/short term): Long Term
Date of interview: 6/15/2022

What do you think of the facility?
“I like it here. The girls are hard workers and they are pleasant. They do anything that I need and they keep me stepping. It’s beautiful here. All the green, the tree and the flowers. It’s nice with all the people here,”
“The food is good, very tasty. They try very hard. I like the variety,”
“I love any activity. Bingo is my favorite and I like watching the movies too. I’m glad I can relax too when I watch the birds, especially the hummingbird on the porch,”
“I know it’s hard to see family sometimes, but I like the people here so its pleasant. They work very hard to keep it nice. I appreciate the effort.”

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: It’s beautiful here.

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