HAT DAY 2020


HAT DAY 2020
15 May 2020

HAT DAY 2020

Celebrating Nursing Home Week

This week is Nursing Home Week at Mahoning Valley Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Unfortunately, things can’t be done as previous years due to Covid-19, but the staff is still dressing each day to a Theme to help brighten our resident’s day. Tuesday was HAT or CAP DAY. So we used it to celebrate our Essential Workers.  Check out the photos from the event hopefully you can smile with us from that fun event.

National Hat Day is an unofficial holiday that falls annually on January 15th. It celebrates one of the oldest human accessories. Hats have been worn all throughout history for a variety of different purposes (from HolidaysCalendar.com).  Check out how we decided to celebrate Hat Day for this event.

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