Covid-19 Information

Covid-19 Information

Please be assured of our commitment to care for our residents and to communicate the latest updates with you.

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Our facility is complying with all state and federal guidelines and stipulations in our response to Sars-Cov-2/Corona virus/Covid-19, and we continue to update and revise state and federal directives in this effort.  Our Covid-19 Implementation Plan included our response to the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Governor’s directive for testing, and, as such, have fully complied with this Order dated June 8, 2020, and have had all residents and staff tested for Covid-19. 

We are pleased that our staff’s continuing mitigation efforts have resulted in no residents or staff having tested positive for Covid-19 through our continuous testing efforts.  The facility continues to take a proactive approach which includes the capacity to administer Covid-19 testing, within 24 hours, both in specific circumstances and/or in a potential outbreak circumstance. At this point, all non-essential staff has been tested for Covid-19, and the facility requires a negative Covid-19 for any and all-volunteer staff before allowing to perform their functions in the facility.  In the event that a resident or staff declines the Covid-19 test, he/she will be informed of the potential risks involved and will be offered the Covid-19 test again after these risks are explained.  To date, no resident, staff member, or volunteer has refused testing for Covid-19.  We have specific policies that outline measures for isolation procedures and/or cohorts residents who are suspected of having Covid-19 and/or diagnosed with Covid-19.  Our facility has a written screening protocol for all staff to be monitored for Covid-19 symptoms at the beginning of each shift.  Each resident of our facility is monitored, daily, for Covid-19 symptoms.  We also monitor anyone entering the facility for symptoms of Covid-19, including but not limited to visitors, volunteers, and non-essential personnel. Our staffing patterns continue to meet or exceed required staffing, we have not encountered staffing shortages and, as such, we are not nor have we been under a contingency staffing plan.  The facility maintains an adequate supply of personal protective equipment for staff, and this equipment is monitored and replaced as utilized, to maintain adequate supplies.  We have begun to allow for communal dining and activities, for our residents, as well as visitation.  We appreciate your understanding that our first and foremost goal is the safety and protection of our residents. 

As we go forward with easing dining, activities, and visitation for our residents, we are dedicated to establishing systems and procedures that protect our residents and staff. In the event that Carbon County would revert to a Red Phase of the Governor’s reopening plan, our facility will halt all reopening activities per the Governor’s directive.  In the event we are obligated to halt all reopening activities, we would notify all residents and their responsible parties of the circumstances.

Please visit the CDC website for the latest information on COVID-19.

Facility directed questions may be called into the main number 570-386-5522 or emailed using our contact form.

: Covid-19 Information

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