Games for Physical Distancing


Games for Physical Distancing
06 April 2020

Games for Physical Distancing

Introducing Hallway Bingo

Mahoning Valley Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Lehighton, PA. while ensuring social distancing practices.  They have some fun with the residents for a fun game of Bingo.  But not just any Bingo this is Hallway Bingo.  

Vicki B. shared that the Activities Department has been busy ensuring that the residents are provided with some fun things to do while ensuring their safety during the COVID-19 epidemic.  With the residents all safe they came up with a plan.  Here is what Vicki told us about the new plan.

“We have started doing Hallway Bingo this week. We go to one hallway a day and spread out the residents that want to play through out the hallway so there is distance between them. We have done two so far.”

Where there is a will there is a way!  The residents so far are so happy that we have found a way to have Bingo.

We have enough supplies to do each wing once a week then everything is disinfected. Activities staff want to thank the wing staff for their help with this new way of Bingo.

Update – We added more pictures enjoy the post.

Vicki, be sure to tell the staff  Thank You for all the hard work.  Now to the pictures check them out below.

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