Indoor Snowball Fight


Indoor Snowball Fight
05 January 2021

Indoor Snowball Fight

What can you do indoors during the holidays, when it’s cold and wet outside? 

We have an idea for you how about a Snow Ball Fight?  That’s right you heard me a snowball fight.

But it’s cold, and wet outside, and though it might sound fun getting hit with a hard cold chunk of ice and snow might not be that much fun for everyone.  We changed it up a little so everyone can enjoy one.  No boots, gloves, or even snow was needed for this fun game the Activities Department organized.

On the day of an impending big snow storm why not have an indoor snowball fight with the staff to help spread some fun and smiles around the facility.  A loving staff member donated these fake snowballs a few years back to the Activities department. They are a soft material that is washable.  Residents and staff alike enjoy throwing them at each other. 

Everyone was safe and no snow was used to make this an extra fun event check out the videos.




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