Celebrating Easter 2020


Celebrating Easter 2020
13 April 2020

Celebrating Easter 2020

Enjoying Easter with Residents

The Activities Dept. has been busy this past week celebrating Easter with all the residents. Let’s take a look at the event and try to enjoy it as the residents did. 

No snow, sleet, or virus can prevent us from enjoying the week of Easter with our residents. No, we couldn’t able to do our original activity but with some quick thinking by Mr. Bunny himself, we were able to come up with an Easter fun activity for all to enjoy.

Mr. Bunny helped residents with coloring a plastic egg for them to keep. After 4 days of …Mr. Bunny finally found who stole his tail. Staff Cindy S. stole Mr. Bunny’s tail, after making Mr. Bunny sad, she offered to give it back…but to his surprise he must have eaten too many chocolate eggs and his tail wouldn’t fit.

Please enjoy the pictures of the residents who participated and their colorful creations as well as videos of Mr. Bunny.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter from MVNRC. Stay safe and healthy.




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: Celebrating Easter 2020

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