Decorating for Christmas


Decorating for Christmas
13 January 2021

Decorating for Christmas

Keeping up the Christmas Cheer

Although it wasn’t a normal Christmas here at MVNRC, the staff, families, as well as a local business’s helped spread some Holiday cheer with different decorations throughout the facility inside and outside. The residents and staff alike enjoyed looking outside each day to see what new decoration was added.  A huge SHOUT OUT to all the people that had a hand in helping with this.

Staff Karen Klotz has been making a Gingerbread House now for many years to share with the residents and staff.  This year she thought it would be great to make a replica of our facility.  It took her many weeks to finish this project.  For a complete story scroll back on our Facebook page to see more pictures and read her story here. 

A few more pictures from this Christmas.





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