A Covid 100th Birthday


A Covid 100th Birthday
17 June 2020

A Covid 100th Birthday

100th Birthday During a Major Pandemic 

  Irene Scherer turned 100 years young on Monday, June 15th, which was during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Who would have ever thought her 100th birthday would be during a major Pandemic.

  Although it wasn’t the party originally planned, staff dolled her up with a tiara and sash from family while the facility provided balloons, a corsage, and cake to Irene. While the staff sang to her, it wasn’t the same without her family. But to her surprise, Activity staff contacted the family who stated they were planning on coming up to see her through the glass. So, the family and staff planned to surprise Irene.  The family stayed between the 2 sets of glass doors and Irene was on her wing on the other side of the doors. Her family made a big Happy Birthday sign and with the help of FaceTime called to sing Happy Birthday to her.

   In spite of being separated by glass, we used this special opportunity to capture some family photos.

  When you would ask Irene how she felt, she stated, “I feel like I am only 55 years old.”

“And do you know that 100 is many many years?”

  Irene was so happy and was singing and clapping along. She stated, “I have the best family EVER!”


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: A Covid 100th Birthday

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